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High School Diploma

WinFord High School offers you completely self-paced, convenient, affordable, and flexible online high school diploma programs, allowing you to pursue your studies without sacrificing your personal and professional responsibilities. Our Accredited and world recognized diploma is appreciated by higher education institutes and welcomed by employers all over the world. Course content is available in your online classroom, interact with faculty for better understanding of the content and get your queries answered through forums.

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Student Services

To help students and alumni easily meet their academic needs, we provide them a wide range of student and alumni services. Through our services, we aim to increase the comfort level of students with our education system so they can easily focus on learning skills that would help them in the future.

As a WinFord High School student you get following student services:

Credit Transfer
Consultancy Services
Education Verification
Student & Alumni Area
Academic & Career Counseling Services

Career Services

At WinFord, we not only provide you accredited and recognized high school diplomas, but also offer necessary assistance to ensure better career prospects once you graduate. You get services worth $1,500 absolutely free.
By using Academic Counseling Service, you can choose a higher educational institution of your choice; your dedicated student counselor will be on hand to provide you with help and support every step of the way. You will also get:

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Preparing You for Life!

Learn how our Diploma helped our graduates beat the odds. You can become the inspiration for others by joining thousands of accomplished students and successfully employed graduates of WinFord High School.

53,000 Success Stories and Counting...

"This diploma changed my life, it sounds dramatic but it is true. I finally received the long awaited promotion, WinFord diploma earned me respect around my workplace."
Timothy McGrath, USA

"I persuaded my son to enroll for WinFord and that was the best gift I could give him. I was surprised at his willingness to complete his diploma."
Cecilia Hester, USA