When you earn your high school diploma from WinFord High School, an accredited institution, you can be sure of a flourishing and fulfilling career. At WinFord, our aim is to provide students of all backgrounds a quality and self-paced education that allows them to work at the same time, without affecting their personal or professional commitments.

WinFord High School is accredited by NACFOE (National Accreditation Council For Online Education). Accreditation by the prestigious accreditation body is proof that WinFord High School is dedicated to a quality education by constantly improving and enhancing its academic standards.

NACFOE's global outreach enables it to enhance and implement the defined educational standards across the globe. Fully dedicated to its mission, the agency believes in the fair evaluation of universities and has therefore awarded accreditation to WinFord High School for its quality online education programs. Accreditation from NACFOE is a symbol of recognition that ensures the High School meets the international standards with regard to academic programs, faculty, admissions, student support and services and hereby is certified as an accredited member of the committee.

Thanks to the accreditation, the high school is entitled to certain privileges, such as the provision of financial assistance to its students in form of grants and scholarships. The credits of the high school diplomas earned from WinFord High School can be easily transferred to the other high school. In addition, renowned private, national and multinational organizations seek out WinFord graduates for their excellent profile and strong leadership and problem-solving skills.