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WinFord High School boasts an experienced full-time faculty and administrative staff along with a team of off-site professional educators. Our high school educators are practicing professionals in their fields. They are eager to share their real-world knowledge with each and every student by contributing to course development and content and providing advice and instructional support to our tutorial staff.

Our dedicated faculty and staff are proud of their impressive credentials, which are comparable to those of the best career educators in accredited schools across the nation.


Role of Our Faculty


Our online classrooms are entirely managed by our faculty, from creating course content to preparing online exams. The faculty is committed to maintaining the best online learning environment by delivering quality education. The faculty also promotes a better learning culture within the classrooms so that the students can properly develop their skills.


The faculty is mainly responsible for developing and improving the program's curriculums. As our faculty are professionals, having rich knowledge of the trends existing in the market related to their field they can easily update their curriculums accordingly.