Who We Serve?

Being an online high school, WinFord serves a large audience worldwide. The convenience and affordability has attracted more than thousands enrollments per year. WinFord High School gives students a chance to earn their accredited high school diploma at fast pace from anywhere in the world. However, there are five categories of students who benefit most from online fast paced mode WinFord High School offers, these are:

High School Drop Outs

Many students drop out of high school due to many reasons. Most of them wish to get their high school diploma but do not want to go back to school. It could be due to embracement, job constraints or other family commitments. To all these individual WinFord High School provides the most convenient option of earning their high school diploma through our online program. Our high school diploma program is globally accepted and recognized by employers and higher education institutes alike.

Athletes and Performers

We at WinFord High School understand that as an athlete and performer you need to spend a lot of time practicing and traveling, which may hold you back from joining your high school. WinFord High School offers the best solution to your problems as you can study whenever you have time and attend classes from wherever you like.

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Home School Students

WinFord High School provides the best alternative to traditional schooling. Now your child can pursue international quality education from the ease and comfort of your home. As a parent you don't have to worry about religious or cultural pressure that your child has to bear in traditional schooling. Also, it gives young students a huge benefit as online mode of education allows them to forget about bullying, peer pressure and other high school stress that may have damaging effects on teens.