Fee Reduction Options

The sole purpose of WinFord High School is to provide you international quality education at affordable price. For this purpose we have introduced several ways by using which you can reduce your financial worries to zilch.

Explore the options you can use to further reduce the tuition fees by using our fee including scholarship, credit transfer and partner employer tuition reimbursement programs.

WinFord High School Scholarship

At WinFord High School, we are committed to making quality education accessible to students around the globe. Offered to students on both need and merit basis, financial scholarship can reduce the price of your diploma up to 16%. The process of applying for scholarship is simple and easy. The eligibility criteria for WinFord Scholarship are easy, making it possible for almost everybody to apply.

WinFord High School Scholarship has enabled thousands of students to complete their high school diploma, join them and pursue your dreams with minimum financial worries. Apply for scholarship at the time of enrollment and finish high school concentrating only on your studies.


Talk to Financial Advisor

If you are confused about our scholarship programs, you can contact our advisors. They will assist you in:

Understanding how military tuition assistance programs and WinFord financial scholarship program work

Determining how to apply for military benefits and financial assistance