High School Diploma

WinFord High School offers a chance to students who have not yet completed their high school diploma and wish to complete their studies. Depending on your situation, WinFord has designed a special diploma program that enables you to complete your high school diploma as quickly as you want while giving you the essential resources to prepare for your career and academic success. The diploma program has been designed keeping in mind the online mode and thence offers ultimate convenience and cutting edge experience via online lesson modules and video/audio courses intended to help you learn independently. At the same time our dedicated faculty and staff are available to lend you a hand at every step of the way.

WinFord experience takes you ahead via distance learning without physical class attendance, enabling you to get one-to-one attention that is not possible in traditional high schools.

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Program Completion Time Self-paced
Program Fee Start with $99

Courses Offered in High School Diploma

There are 16 courses in high school diploma program. You will be required to pass all the courses (other than those for which you transfer credits or get prior learning credits).

Some of the courses offered in Winford High School diploma include:

Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
HSC-1 English 9 1
HSC-2 English 11 2
HSC-3 English 12 3
HSC-4 English 12 4
HSC-5 Geometry 5
HSC-6 Algebra 1 6
HSC-7 Algebra 2 7
HSC-8 Biology 1 8
HSC-9 Chemistry 9
HSC-10 Physics 10
HSC-11 Geography 11
HSC-12 World History 12
HSC-13 Economics 13
HSC-14 Introduction to computers 14
HSC-15 Health, Fitness, & Nutrition 15
HSC-16 World Religions 16

Choose Courses & Transfer Credits

Winford High School gives you an advantage to choose course and transfer credits. This gives you a huge edge over other high schools as you can save your time and money and complete your high school diploma program much faster utilizing our self paced mode of study.