Consultancy Services

Students can take advantage of our consultation services through our experts and friendly advisors 24/7. Our consultants are available to attend to students' queries and concerns regarding our diploma financial aid programs, career counseling and employment prospects.

Enrollment Advisor

Your enrollment advisor will guide you through the entire admission process and answer all your questions about diploma program, fees, financial assistance and everything you need to do before you begin your classes. S/he will also provide you relevant information about transfer of educational credits. Together, you and your advisor will create an educational plan that will help you earn your high school diploma on your own terms.

Academic Advisor

Your academic advisor will be available to you throughout your association with WinFord. S/he will not only help you select your courses, but will also activate the online classrooms and schedule your classes. S/se will be there to support you every step of the way―from the day you enroll to the day you graduate.

Additionally, s/he will act as a financial advisor, telling you everything you need to know about the financial options available to you, including scholarship, grants, fee payment options and other services.

Career Advisor

A career advisor will be available to you if you choose to benefit from our career services. The advisor will help you enhance your employability by helping you draft your resume, build your professional network, give you interview tips, improve your salary negotiation skills and much more!

Additionally, he will also keep you updated about the job vacancies available in your preferred region through job positing.